Key for Fascia Health – Janda Syndromes

Janda Fascial Balance and Crossed Syndromes When it comes to pain, the most important factor is posture and balance. The syndrome of upper and lower crossed syndromes described by Janda makes a lot of sense in clinic practice.  In today's society, we spend too much time at a computer or on a cell phone [...]

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What is a Hydrodissection or Hydrorelease?

Introduction Hydrodissection and hydrorelease are new procedures that are gaining traction in treating fascia. Fascia is not only a protective covering of many organs, nerves, bone, skin, and muscle but also has many nerves fibers that course through it. When fascia is injured or develops scar tissue, the nerve endings can get irritated and cause [...]

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Dextrose Prolotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

You are possibly a candidate for dextrose prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is used to treat many cases from headaches to foot pain and many other fascial and musculoskeletal pain-related issues in between. Prolotherapy is commonly used to treat headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, abdominal wall muscle pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and [...]

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