Masseter Hydrodissection for TMJ Pain

  Introduction Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) can be a debilitating source of pain in the jaw. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Dysfunction of the TMJ affects 5-12% of people. Pain in the jaw primarily causes headaches and difficulty chewing secondary to pain. In addition to [...]

Vitamin D and Connective Tissue Health

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of fascia, muscles, and bones. Here's how:Fascia Health: Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles, bones, and organs throughout the body. Vitamin D receptors are present in fascial tissue, indicating its importance in maintaining fascial health. Adequate levels of vitamin D are [...]

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Quercetin and Mast Cell Stabilization

Quercetin, a flavonoid abundant in various fruits and vegetables, offers several benefits for stabilizing mast cells and lowering tryptase levels, which in turn can have positive effects on fascia, muscle, connective tissue health, and gastrointestinal (GI) function: Stabilizing Mast Cells: Mast cells are immune cells involved in allergic and inflammatory responses. When mast cells [...]

MTHFR Variant and Importance of Methylation

Importance of Taking Methylated Folate and B12 Let's delve into why taking methylated supplements is important for individuals with an MTHFR mutation, particularly concerning fascia, muscle, and connective tissue health: MTHFR Mutation and Methylation Process: MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) is an enzyme involved in the methylation process, which is essential for various biochemical reactions in [...]

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Fascial Hydrodissection for Low Back Pain

Introduction A fascial hydrodissection for low back pain is a procedure you should consider for both acute and chronic pain in your lower back. According to the CDC, 39% of adults experience low back pain in the past three months. A fascial hydrodissection for low back pain involves a highly-specialized procedure of injecting medication [...]

The Benefits of a Fascial Hydrodissection from a Patient

A patient's testimonial on the benefits of a fascial hydrodissection for pain "After seeing nearly a dozen other orthopedic physicians for knee, hip, and back pain, Dr. Courseault pinpointed my problems like no one else had. The back pain was not from discs. It was a simple fascia problem for decades. One hydrodissection injection [...]

Post-Leg Hip Pain in a Pitcher Treated with a Hydrodissection

  Introduction   Myofascial hydrodissection is an important tool to return athletes back to their full potential and improve sports performance. Post-leg pain can affect pitching accuracy and performance. We present a case at The Fascia Institute and Treatment Center of a pitcher with tightness at the anterior hip of his post-leg that has [...]

Folate-Rich Foods for those with an MTHFR Polymorphism

By Kathy Garvey, MS, MBA, RDN, LDN ( Suppose you have been advised to avoid foods with folic acid due to your body’s impaired ability to break down the vitamin. You may feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the grocery store and make intelligent choices.  It can seem unclear at first, but with some guidance [...]

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Ulnar Nerve Hydrodissection for Ulnar Neuropathy

Introduction Ulnar neuropathy is a common nerve injury secondary to nerve entrapment at the elbow. Repetitive compressive forces to the inside or medial side of the elbow can irritate the nerve and cause damage. Damage to the ulnar nerve can be assessed with a nerve conduction study and electromyography. Modern evaluation can also include [...]

Hamstring Fascia Hydrodissection in an NFL Running Back

  Introduction Hamstring injuries nag players of all sports and all levels. Dr. Jacques Courseault at The Fascia Institute and Treatment Center at Tulane University School of Medicine was the first to publish the benefits of a hamstring fascial hydrodissection to get athletes back in a few days. You can read the article here.   [...]

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