Post-Leg Hip Pain in a Pitcher Treated with a Hydrodissection

  Introduction   Myofascial hydrodissection is an important tool to return athletes back to their full potential and improve sports performance. Post-leg pain can affect pitching accuracy and performance. We present a case at The Fascia Institute and Treatment Center of a pitcher with tightness at the anterior hip of his post-leg that has [...]

Fascial Release of a Knee Flexion Deformity After a Total Knee Replacement

Abstract   There is no consensus on how to best manage fixed flexion deformity of the knee following total knee arthroplasty. We present the case of a 63-year-old hypermobile female with a fixed flexion deformity and fascial hamstring tendon adhesions noted on ultrasound evaluation. She was treated with a fascial hydrorelease and achieved full [...]

What is a Fascial Hydrodissection or Fascial Hydrorelease?

Introduction A fascial hydrodissection and hydrorelease are new highly-specialized procedures that are gaining traction in treating fascial pain. Fascia is not only a protective covering of many organs, nerves, bone, skin, and muscle but also has many nerve fibers that course through it. When fascia is injured or develops scar tissue, the nerve endings can [...]

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