Post-EMG/NCS Instructions

You have just completed an electromyography and nerve conduction study test. The test measures the electrical activity of nerves and muscles.  Nerves send electrical signals to make your muscles react in certain ways. As your muscles react, they give off the signals, which can then be measured. We can interpret these measurements to determine areas of nerve or muscle damage.

  • Muscle soreness may occur for 3 to 4 days following the procedure. You may take any over-the-counter pain medication that works best for you. We recommend Tylenol 1000 mg every 8 hours as needed. Please check with your doctor if you have any liver, kidney, stomach, or heart problems that would limit your ability to take over-the-counter pain medication.

  • You may experience minor bruising where the needle electrode was placed into your muscle. The bruising should fade within several days.

  • Infections or extremely rare with this procedure. However, please send us a portal message if you experience pain that increases after a few days, swelling, drainage, or other signs of infection at the needle insertion sites.

  • You may return to your previous activity after the test unless other was instructed by your doctor.

  • Your doctor will interpret the results of your tests and provide a report for your referring physician.

  • Your referring physician will receive a copy of the report to discuss further plans of care.

  • Keep injection site clean, dry and covered with a Band-Aid for 12 to 24 hours after your procedure. You may shower at anytime.
  • You may experience an increase in pain due to your immune system being hyperstimulated. This is a good sign that the prolotherapy is working. This is a positive inflammatory response. Soreness is to be expected with these procedures. This may take up to a week after the injection to settle down.
  • If you are sore within a few hours of the injection you may begin using Tylenol 1000 mg every 8 hours as needed, unless otherwise instructed differently. If you still have pain after a week that is not improving please send us a portal message and give us an update.
  • Please send us a portal message if you develop drainage from the infection site bleeding or fever. If you are feeling severely sick please do not hesitate to go to urgent care or the emergency room.
  • You may experience localized swelling and bruising at the injection sites that may take up to 2 weeks to resolve.
  • We recommend beginning physical therapy as soon as possible following the prolotherapy procedure. Do not dry needle a treated area during prolotherapy treatments. We prefer cupping, massage, stretching of the area, and myofascial release.

  • Avoid repetitive exercise heavy lifting until otherwise directed to do so to avoid injuring the areas that are getting treatment.

We hope the test was not too uncomfortable for you and hope that the results will help you continue towards treatment and healing.

If you are interested in treatment, you may consider starting supplements for nerve healing and health.